Locomotor apparatus

     People need to know that the fundamental part of the locomotor system is made up of bones. The 206 bones that make up the skeleton of an adult have the following functions:

  • I believe that all people know that bones provide support to people throughout the body and are a framework for attaching soft tissues and organs.
  • They are a reserve of calcium, 99% of the calcium in the body is found in the skeleton. It also stores lipids in areas filled with yellow marrow.
  • The red bone marrow appears inside most of the bones. Its role is to produce red blood cells, white blood cells and other elements of the blood.
  • Bones also have the function of protecting soft tissues and organs (heart, lungs, brain, etc.).
  • They collaborate in the movement.

     In this article, I will present other elements of the locomotor system. The following elements are also integrated into the locomotor system:

  • Tendons. These have the role of placing the muscle to the bone
  • Joints are the place where bones interconnect
  • Ligament. Their role is to tie the bones together
  • Nerves: controls the contraction of skeletal muscles, interprets information and coordinates the activities of organs.
  • Skeletal muscles. Their role is to help move, maintain body posture, and support soft tissues and maintain body temperature.
  • Cartilage: is a type of connective tissue, there are three main types of cartilage: hyaline (rigid support), elastic cartilage (provides support, but tolerates distortion and returns to its original shape without damage) and fibrocartilage (resists compression, avoids contact between bones and limits relative motion)

     In the section on the locomotor system, we find three blocks that give us information about:

  • Diseases related to muscles and bones.
  • Tips on the most recommended therapies for solving locomotor problems.
  • What to do to prevent and avoid injuries.
  • Natural remedies that can be very useful to take care of our muscles and bones.
  • Causes, treatments and tips of fibromyalgia.
  • How to deal with chronic pain.
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