Generalized anxiety

    This condition is a mental disorder, which is characterized by the constant presence of anxiety, excessive worry and anxiety. People who suffer from this condition find it impossible to control these emotions and manage her anxiety. GAD seems great to many people, including children and adolescents, but has a higher prevalence in middle-aged women than men.

     Generalized anxiety disorder is characterized by a set of psychological and physical signs and symptoms:

  • Psychological symptoms. Experts in the field say that the symptoms differ from person to person, but in general there is a disproportionate presence of concern or anxiety about certain problems. The tendency to think excessively about plans and to interpret all their worst results. Indecision and inability to cope with daily challenges. There may be difficulty concentrating and inability to relax.
  • Physical symptoms. If you experience prolonged symptoms, you will suffer from: fatigue, muscle aches and pains, sweating, irritable bowel syndrome, hair loss, weight gain or loss, tremors, sleep disturbances, dizziness, palpitations and difficulty breathing.

     People need to know that this disease has the following reasons: social, family, personal or professional.

     The treatment differs from person to person, but is largely based on a set of techniques and tools given by a psychologist, in order to cope with this situation of anxiety and suffering. In some cases, psychotropic drugs are received.

     Meditation and lifestyle

     Learning to meditate properly and breathe is essential to reducing these symptoms. This tool can help us know how to manage these conditions. Homeopathy can be very useful to help at this time, Bach flowers, valerian, … Eat a balanced diet, set a daily time for relaxation, sleep the necessary hours, listen, do sports, make a hobby on which to relax … It is essential to deal with this completely adaptive situation and to know how to overcome your anxiety.

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